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Linking Quicken to 529 College Savings Plans

It may be possible to link Quicken to specific 529 college savings plans, depending on the plan manager. 

This list of 529 plans was extracted from the FIDIR file in the Quicken configuration. However, inclusion of a 529 plan in this file does not necessarily mean that the 529 plan currently supports transaction download. For example, I was unable to connect to the PA 529 Investment Plan. The only way to be certain whether 529 plan supports Quicken is to try to configure the 529 plan for One Step Update in Quicken or to contact the 529 plan manager. 

These 529 plans are included in the FIDIR file.

The following 529 plans are included in the FIDIR file but have indicated on their web sites that they do not support linking the 529 plan to Quicken. 

   Bottom Line

Quicken can help you get your finances organized, keep an eye on your 529 college savings plan loan debt, and reach your other financial goals. You can try Quicken for a 30-day risk-free trial

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