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Choosing a Lender for Refinancing Student Loans

Picking the right lender for refinancing student loans is important. Besides finding a good interest rate and loan discounts that will save you money, you want to consider the repayment  term and other benefits. Here are some things to consider:

We have come up with a ranking of the best lenders for student loan refinancing.

Splash Financial is a student loan refinance marketplace that allows you to check rates and matches you with a lender.

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How to Apply for a Student Loan Refinance

Once you have decided that refinancing student loans is right for you, now it’s time to apply. The items required for refinancing will vary between lender. 

Most lenders advertise that the application process is simple and does not take long.

When you are refinancing, you’ll also have the option of choosing a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. A variable interest rate is often lower, but keep in mind, this interest rate can increase dramatically. A variable rate could even increase monthly. A fixed interest rate will stay the same until you pay off the loan.

Other Options to Manage Student Loans

If you have decided that refinancing student loans is not the best option for you or you don’t qualify, there are still options to manage student loan debt.

The ChangEd app helps student loan borrowers pay down their debt faster. Link your credit and debit cards and with every purchase you make, the total is rounded up, and that “spare change” is added to your student loans. You can also earn points for potential free payments. Read our review to learn more.

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